9 Best Dedicated Server Providers in USA in 2023

By: Alex James


If your company grows to the point where you have to handle multiple websites or if you’re having a lot of downtimes, it could be time to upgrade to a dedicated server. With your server, your website won’t have to compete with anyone else’s traffic, making this service a significant upgrade from shared or VPS hosting. To guarantee the best site performance, you also get faster processors, larger storage capacities, and memory.

Typically, this improved service comes at a cost, and there are so many factors to consider to choose the ideal option for your company. We examined key factors like RAM capacity, data transfer rates, as well as uptimes to prepare this list of the Best Dedicated Server Services in USA.

Dedicated Server Hosting Services in USA

Dedicated hosting, as a type of web hosting, commonly refers to the practice of businesses reserving a virtual space to accommodate the requirements of a particular customer. It’s similar to a property owner renting out a house to a buyer doing an online transaction. These hosting services could provide technical, administrative, and security advantages for server hardware.

You can have complete access to the server and each of its resources when you use the Best Dedicated Server USA as your hosting solution. The hardware and software on the server are your responsibility. Its different components could get used for whatever you needed.

A dedicated server also guarantees complete hardware control. You would have complete access to a server’s hard disk, memory, internet access, processing power, and other resources. If you select a Cheap Dedicated Server USA plan, no other hosting service will be able to offer software and hardware capabilities as effectively as it can.

Top 9 USA Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in 2023

– Interserver

InterServer provides cheap dedicated server hosting in USA. This is the only provider that offers such a huge variety of customization options in terms of strategies and resources.

There are many options to choose from, and each one includes widely available server resources. Each of the standard plans can get modified to meet your unique requirements. In addition to changing operating systems, you can also increase RAM and storage. Efficient processing plans are offered for an additional cost, despite the fact that the provider’s schemes are very infrastructure focused.

You can also choose whether to handle your websites through a command line or a panel. InterServer offers a variety of highly customizable dedicated servers.

 – Key features

  • A private data center with constant uptime monitoring
  • 100TB bandwidth as well as up to 24 cores.
  • There are twelve operating systems and three control panels.
  • Price-lock guarantee 
  • Custom configurations 

– A2Hosting

If you want to host an unmanaged dedicated server, A2 Hosting is a fantastic option. With enterprise-level hardware and software, it provides one of the better unmanaged Dedicated Server USA.

A2 Hosting provides all of its customers with bare metal dedicated servers. It provides managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting plans, both of which feature top-notch customer service, performance, and security.

NVMe storage from A2 Hosting offers up to three times faster read/write speeds and ultra-reliable, high-performance servers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

 – Key features

  • Root access and three levels of server administration
  • Instant deployment of expertly managed servers
  • Choose from four data centers spread across three continents.
  • FREE backup SSD storage
  • There are 13 Linux operating systems to choose from.

– BlueHost

Among the main choices for dedicated servers can get available at  Bluehost, which is one of the most trusted web hosts. Although its name is more commonly associated with shared hosting, the host also provides reasonably priced unmanaged dedicated options. To make managing servers and hosting easier, it also includes a cPanel and Plesk. It’s worth noting that Bluehost only provides unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting in USA at the best prices. This suggests that this choice could not be the best for beginners.

 – Key features

  • Every Bluehost server plan offers instant provisioning.
  • a minimum of 3 unique IP addresses
  • A dedicated team provides 24/7 timely support
  • Modern hardware gets built and maintained in-house.

– Hostgator

Hostgator is a business that has established a space at the lower end of the market, and it struggles with dedicated servers for many of the same issues as the other web hosting companies. Its plans aren’t significantly less expensive than the competition, and Hostgator doesn’t have a solid reputation for responsiveness.

Unlimited bandwidth metering is however a fantastic benefit for Hostgator. This can be a huge draw for those who should manage steady loads from large numbers of visitors. Finally, Hostgator is intriguing to beginners who require the control of a fully managed Best Dedicated Server USA.

 – Key features

  • There are Linux and Windows servers available.
  • Storage on HDD or SSD, as well as unmetered bandwidth
  • SSH access to the network and data center is fully redundant, and multiple languages get supported.
  • Managed or partly managed solutions

– Hostbillo

You could take advantage of safer networks and top-notch security protocols by selecting the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans in USA from Hostbillo. It gives you full root access, allowing you to modify and adjust the server’s resources to meet the needs of your website. Similarly, your package will include SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a wide range of other resources. Hostbillo offers a reasonable Dedicated Server Cost for hosting your website, as well as good security but also 24*7 customer support.

As a crucial component of this service, Hostbillo provides thorough hardware administration. Additionally, you will have complete access to disc storage, online network access, and CPU power with a customized web server. The host also provides Windows and Linux Dedicated Server USA options to choose to operate your hosting.

 – Key features

  • Better Control and Flexibility
  • Root Permissions
  • DDoS protection provides additional security.
  • A separate IP address
  • free SSL certificate
  • 7-day cask return guarantee

– Dreamhost

DreamHost is just another hosting industry big player best known for its low-cost shared hosting plans and high-performance dedicated servers. Besides, the service provider maintains the same level of excellence with its dedicated server hosting as well. It offers Cheap managed dedicated server USA hosting packages with a 100% SLA uptime guarantee.

DreamHost initially only provides managed server hosting options, but you also get full root access, giving you total command over your server. You could also restart your server at any time. With all of its dedicated servers, DreamHost provides unlimited bandwidth. 

 – Key features

  • bandwidth without limits
  • The most recent hardware equipment
  • Flexible resources
  • Uninterrupted performance

– Inmotion

When it comes to hosting for USA Dedicated Servers, InMotion Hosting offers one of the most comprehensive choices. Choosing from a selection of plans or coming up with your own is both options present. But remember that InMotion only works with Linux. There are no Windows options.

The robust customizable server options get included. In other words, you can configure the server to exactly fit your needs, and you’ll essentially only get required to pay for the services you use.

 – Key features

  • FREE server administration and security updates
  • One-on-one consultation with a server administrator
  • Smart Routing technology provides an uptime of 99.999%.
  • Network Tier 1 with redundant bandwidth

– Hostwinds

Hostwinds, one of the more recent hosting companies to get chosen, is a young competitor that offers hardware along with welcoming support. The servers offered by the company are highly scalable and come with a choice of Windows and Linux operating systems. Hostwinds get recognized for having an excellent network with high levels of redundancy to provide lightning-fast speed and reliability.

Hostwinds is incredibly impressive in terms of offering the best panels for Dedicated Server USA plans. In addition to supporting a range of options, the company provides a few dozen guides on how to install, configure, but also perform routine tasks.

 – Key features

  • Servers that can get configured to run either Windows or Linux
  • full-service management and nightly backups
  • Datacenters of Type 2 and Tier 4
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.999% and DDoS protection
  • Hardware replacement in one-hour


One method used by businesses with significant web hosting needs is to select a suitable service of dedicated hosting. The resources of a dedicated server are entirely focused on serving your needs, as opposed to the shared hosting environment. You’ll typically also have root-level access, facilitating you to modify the server’s operating system.

Purchasing the Best Dedicated Server USA for your needs will cost money, as you might expect. There’s also a strong chance you’ll need customer service and technical support at some point along the way since these servers act exactly like a standard computer. Given the number of companies offering interesting options, we have listed the top 9 dedicated server providers in this article for your consideration. At this point, you have the option to select the one best suits your needs.

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