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At our blog site, Luck opinion, we are always in search of adding new talent to our team which will help us add value to the contents and services of our blog. As we are comprised of a team that comes from a diverse range of fields and together contribute to the betterment of the blog site, it is very important for us to bring new and unique talents on board with us.

Can you conjure up a nicely written and well-researched blog article? Are you interested in joining our team and getting a free platform to share your views on trending topics? If yes, then head right up to know about the guidelines set for guest post writers that you can follow to easily create an article that can be published on Luck Opinion blog site.

Guidelines For Guest Posts

At Luck Opinion, we strive to provide quality and engaging content to our readers. For our guest posts, we recommend the guest writer to follow the carefully crafted guidelines which will help them to create a post for submission that is according to the standards of the blog site.

Follow the steps below to ensure the online publishing of your submission:

  • The general length of the articles that are accepted and published on Luck Opinion is between 750 to 1500 words.
  • Our blog site is targeted at a general audience. So, the use of simple and comprehensible vocabulary is recommended. 
  • Try to make shorter sentences with clear meanings.
  • Limit the use of passive voice and use more active voice sentences in your article.
  • Create 100% original content that is free from plagiarism.
  • Use the keywords strategically across the article and keep the keyword intent clear. 
  • The article must be created with correct sentence structure and free from grammatical errors.  
  • Proofread your articles and contents before submitting the article to the editor. 
  • Make sure to write on an interesting and trending topic which will help engage more audience on the blog site.  
  • The article you want to submit must be well-researched with actual facts. 
  • It is better to avoid any sensitive topics like gambling, drug usage and child abuse.

How to Submit the Article?

To submit your article on Luck Opinion, you can directly send your submissions to our editor at [email protected]. Make sure that you carefully follow the guidelines stated above to ensure that your submission is approved for publishing on the blog site. 

After you have submitted your article, you may be hearing from us soon. If not, your submission must have been rejected for some valid and explainable reason.

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