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By: Alex James

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to drive their business forward. To stay ahead of the competition, organizations need to be open to considering ideas from all sources—including customers, partners, stakeholders, and employees. One particularly powerful way to get great ideas is by tapping into the collective knowledge of your online community.

By engaging with your online community and leveraging their insights in an organized manner, you can create a valuable feedback loop that will help you identify new opportunities, solve unique customer problems, and develop creative solutions that would otherwise remain undiscovered.

Here are some tips on how to take advantage of this powerful resource:

  1. Establish Connections with Your Online Community – Make sure you have a presence on the appropriate social media platforms and that your content is tailored to your target audience. Connect with existing members of your online community as well as prospective ones, and let them know you are interested in hearing their ideas.
  2. Ask for Ideas – Encourage people in your online network to submit their thoughts and suggestions regarding various aspects of your product or service. You can also ask for feedback on new concepts or initiatives, or simply provide an open forum where users can share ideas about anything related to your company.
  3. Reward Contributors – Show appreciation for those who contribute by providing rewards like discounts, exclusive offers, or recognition through social media channels. This will help encourage more engagement from others in the online community.
  4. Take Action – Once you’ve gathered the ideas and feedback from your online community, it’s time to take action. Make sure to share updates on how the suggestions have been implemented, so that members feel involved and part of the process.

By engaging with your online community, you can tap into a powerful source of creative ideas and insights that can help drive innovation in your organization. So don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for input—you never know what kind of great ideas you might uncover!

In this guide we’ll explore how you can use Salesforce Community Cloud to drive innovation within your organization by collecting valuable feedback from your online community.

Getting Started:

The first step in making the most out of your online community is to make sure it’s populated with the right people. You want members who can provide valuable insights into your customer base, as well as partners and industry experts. By engaging these key stakeholders in conversations about your products or services, you can get a better understanding of what customers are looking for and what they value.

Connect With Your Community:

Once you’ve identified the right participants for your online community, it’s important to nurture relationships with them. Use Salesforce Community Cloud to build meaningful connections by hosting polls, Q&A sessions, surveys, discussion forums and other activities that will encourage interaction between you and your members. You can also use gamification techniques such as leader boards and badges to motivate members and keep them Driving Innovation engaged.

Incentivize Participation:

Another way to encourage participation in your online community is to offer incentives for engagement. You can reward members with discounts, free products or services, access to exclusive content and other perks that will encourage them to share their opinions. This not only helps increase engagement levels but also serves as a way to thank customers for their feedback.

Analyze Results:

Once you’ve gathered feedback from your online community, it’s important to analyze the data so you can identify trends and uncover insights that will help you Driving Innovation innovation in your organization. With Salesforce Community Cloud’s powerful analytics tools, you can easily track conversations, monitor sentiment and measure impact across multiple channels. This will help you identify opportunities for improvement and inform your decision-making process.


By leveraging the collective intelligence of your online community, you can develop new ideas that will drive innovation within your organization. With Salesforce Community Cloud, it’s easy to engage with customers and partners in meaningful conversations that will help you create unique experiences Driving Innovation for them and improve Driving Innovation customer service levels. And by incentivizing participation and analyzing results, you can uncover valuable insights that will inform your decision-making process. Use this guide as a starting point to begin harnessing the power of your online community today!


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