What is a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)

Certified Quality Engineer

by Alex James

CQE experts supervise a company’s engineering and production processes by ensuring suitable materials and techniques are used. The term “quality” relates to various features, including cost, availability, safety, and accessibility of a good or service. These make a significant difference in how satisfied customers are. A quality engineer needs a mix of training, experience, education, and advanced skills to succeed.

They must first go through an ASQ certification training for clearing this exam. Several sectors are experiencing transformation, shifting from their current approach to a whole other way of doing things. There is no better time to learn about CQE than now since quality significantly influences those changes.

About Certified Quality Engineers

Identifying, analyzing, criticizing, and improving quality control processes are all tasks carried out by Certified Quality Engineers, or CQE. Their work requires frequent review, accuracy, and thorough concentration. This might entail evaluating items, participating in business think tanks and demo groups, and creating quality assurance procedures. Ensuring the finished product fits the user’s precise requirements may also entail assessing the results of quality assurance tests. These experts follow the ASQ’s (American Society for Quality) quality guidelines. ASQ is the sole certification body for engineers and quality assurance professionals. Type in “what is six sigma certification?” and learn more about it. ASQ provides six sigma certification for Certified Quality Engineers (CQE).

Steps to Become a Certified Quality Engineer

  • Obtain the experience needed to become a CQE
  • Register for the examination and join CQE
  • Get ready for the exam
  • Sit for the ASQ certification exam
  • Recertification

Industries that Employ CQEs

The list of sectors that traditionally have kept a quality system in place and hence employ quality engineers is as follows:

  • Manufacturing sector
  • Construction and engineering companies
  • Defense, space, and aviation
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Automotive
  • Industrial machinery
  • Biomedical (medical equipment or devices)
  • The energy sector (oil & gas, chemical, nuclear, etc.)

For the industries to employ you, you must hold a six sigma green belt certification issued by ASQ. By utilizing proper online or in-person training, you can achieve it.

Fundamental Skills for a Certified Quality Engineer

  • Learn about leadership and quality management, such as the ideas and building blocks of quality, proven leadership strategies, and communication skills.
  • Create a QMS (Quality Management System), including its design, standards, documentation, guidelines, and cost of quality (COQ).
  • Characteristic categorization, verification and validation, and dependability and maintainability are all essential aspects of design, methods, and services.
  • Learn essential skills such as material control, acceptance sampling, analytical system analysis, and metrology to establish effective product and process control. Lean six sigma certification training will employ you with all the necessary skills required to become a CQE.
  • Further, learning how to use the quantitative methods that promote continuous improvements, such as lean, corrective action, kaizen, and six sigma.
  • Recognize how to derive conclusions from statistics, abstract the data, examine distributions, conduct capacity studies, test hypotheses, and plan and carry out experiments.
  • Know how to handle risks effectively, including monitoring, evaluation, auditing, control, and testing.

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CQE Exam Details

Each candidate must pass an exam with multiple-choice questions to demonstrate an understanding of the Body of Knowledge (BOK). Lean sigma six certification exams are always open-book. Each participant is required to bring their own sources of information.

  • Computer-based test: The CQE test consists of 175 multiple-choice questions in one segment. It is also only available in English. 15 of the 160 multiple-choice questions are not scored. It takes five and a half hours for the visit and five hours and 18 minutes for the actual exam.
  • Written test: It takes the same duration for this exam, except this is a written test with pencil and paper. In certain regions, the CQE exam is available in Mandarin. It consists of one section and 160 multiple-choice questions.

Certified Quality Engineer Career Benefits

There are numerous benefits to working as a quality engineer that draws individuals to the field. Below is a list of these benefits for your attention:

  • Income: A quality engineer might originate from any technical field or production floor. Measurement and quantitative process control are widely employed in this business. Candidates that get profitable jobs as Quality Engineers are paid well. However, salary increases as knowledge, abilities, and dedication in the relevant sector develop.
  • Job Security: A secure job provides employees comfort, boosting output. Stable employment encourages loyalty and a desire to succeed. Companies gain devoted and motivated workers as a result. Quality Engineers are required in every business, they will get job security anywhere in the world.
  • Scope: A quality engineer’s area can expand given the variety of topics. They are under pressure from customers and the corporation to provide a much-improved product with new non-functional requirements.


Companies rely on resources, people’s abilities, and skills to guarantee that the task will be done on time. Employees can review the qualifications and understand what has to be achieved to get the next advancement. Employees are given more freedom to manage their ASQ careers as a result. If you wish to become a Certified Quality Engineer, the ASQ certification exam is the path you can take.

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