5 Affordable Linux Reseller Hosting Providers In 2023

By: Alex James

An Affordable Linux reseller hosting?

When we first hear the term “reseller hosting”, it usually can confuse the layman. This article will make it easy to comprehend and will present all the benefits and opportunities of purchasing affordable Linux reseller hosting services from competent hosting providers. Reseller hosting can provide you with a lot of advantages to earn profitable revenues.

If you are a startup or a whole seller and want to host your website, then you can purchase cheap hosting plans and sell them as your own. This is what reseller hosting is. Now let’s have a look at what is Linux reseller hosting.

What is reseller hosting? And what are the main types of it?

When your reseller hosts from a third party, then you come to know about two types of hosting. The former is Linux reseller hosting, and the latter is Windows reseller hosting. Linux is an operating system, and Linux reseller hosting offers maximum uptime and compatible adjustment with programming languages like MYSQL and PHP.

Moreover, it is inexpensive compared to shared or dedicated hosting. This hosting can benefit you in multi ways. Linux reseller hosting gives you unlimited bandwidth and optimizable disk space for the smooth running of your multiple web application simultaneously. Keep scrolling down to learn about the advantages of Linux reseller hosting, along with additional information about affordable Linux reseller hosting providers.

Advantages of Linux reseller hosting:

Give you Protection and security

When we run an online business, all we need as our priority is the security of our website. Additionally, Linux reseller hosting service providers can help you to tackle this issue. They provide you with a secure environment for your businesses.

Inexpensive and reliable

Linux reseller hosting offers you impressive and affordable Linux reseller hosting plans to earn profitable income on high margins from your clients.

High bandwidth and disk space

In addition, the best Linux reseller hosting provides you with high bandwidth with disk space to allocate your files, data, or other necessary web applications.

Compatibility with PHP and MYSQL

Affordable Linux reseller hosting services support scripting languages such as PHP and MySQL, offering efficient functionality for multiple web applications simultaneously. To explore top cheap and affordable Linux reseller hosting providers, consult informational blogs for comprehensive reviews and recommendations.

Top affordable Linux reseller hosting providers in 2023


Navicosoft ranks first in providing cheap Linux reseller hosting. Moreover, it provides other types of servers, like a dedicated server, and VPS, for various types of hosting like shared hosting and cloud hosting. If you are ready to sign up with its best Linux reseller hosting, then get ready to facilitate yourself with its:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space with technical support 24/7.
  • It can provide you with free data migration to another server of another hosting company.
  • With its affordable Linux reseller hosting planyou can earn profitable revenues.
  • It offers you firewall security with a free SSL certificate.


Hostwinds offers reseller web hosting services. Moreover, it provides maximum uptime with technical support 24/7. When you sign up to hire its reseller hosting space on the servers, a third party, In this case, solves all the problems rather than the client will handle it on their own.

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is another company that offers you Linux reseller web hosting. Moreover, with its limited opportunities with unlimited restrictions, it provides you with limited space on its servers according to the plan you use. It offers 100GB SSD storage for its basic pricing plan. It gives access to Softaculous for easy installation of multi-web applications.


Bluehost ranks among the companies which provide Linux reseller hosting. Additionally, the three types of pricing plans include basic, plus, and choice plus. It offers limited disk space to store your websites.


Siteground provides Linux reseller hosting services with optimal speed and limited storage for the client’s data. Moreover, it secures the client’s website from any hacker or malicious activity.

Why is Navicosoft a remarkable and affordable Linux reseller hosting provider?

Navicosoft is one of the top-leading and best Linux reseller hosting providers. Nowadays, various web developers are getting access to unlimited Linux reseller hosting with WHMCS to give the client optimal speed with unlimited bandwidth. It gives the customers a free SSL certificate for security.

It offers the compatible installation of multiple apps like WordPress and Magento. Moreover, its affordable Linus reseller hosting gives the customers cPanel that helps in giving access to the client to keep monitoring his website. You can also get yourself facilitated by hiring its white-label servers to make them your servers with your name and logo.

Last stance:

In a crux, Navicosoft offers cheap unlimited reseller hosting and the most affordable Linux reseller hosting providerThey offer the customers 99.9% uptime and security. Additionally, they provide fully managed WHMCS control panels like cPanel.

They also give free SSL certificates to secure your online website from hacking threats. It gives the fastest loading speed of the client’s website with one click installation of diversified web applications. Therefore, we should make an appropriate choice while selecting a competent hosting company to host the website digitally.

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