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How Much is VIS Token to PHP?

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The cryptocurrencies and the world of digital currency has taken quite a turn after the Covid pandemic hit the world. Many of the currencies that were soaring before the pandemic hardly make any news while some digital currencies, especially NFT tokens are really getting in the game.

NFTs are a brilliant way to invest your money online. The best part is that apart from buying the NFTs you can also earn it through various gaming platforms. The NFT token we are going to discuss in this article is VIS token which is the utility token used in the famous game of Pegaxy.  Pegaxy is quite famous in the Philippines which is why many players and investors are frequently looking for the conversion rate of VIS token to PHP.

What is VIS Token? 

vis token to php


VIS Token which is also known as Vigorus is a utility token for the game of Pegaxy (PGX). It is an NFT-based play-and-earn horse racing game where players compete for the top three places. Races in the game Pegaxy are affected by various factors such as wind, water, fire and speed. However, in order to have a chance of winning the game, the player can upgrade his NFT horse to improve the race.

The Pegaxy game and its horses use a set of 5,000 NFTs. The game along with its digital currency was released in October 2021. These 5,000 founding Pega preceded the Pega formed by the in-game breeding model. A player can use his Pega in the PvP mode games to earn more VIS tokens. The game also allows the player to sell or rent them on the market and participate in a global competition of his Pegaxy game called The Grand Dash.

In 2022, the firm that launched Pegaxy planned to expand its reach, begin selling Pega groceries, release its first stadium for sale, and introduce a staking mechanism for in-game players. Additionally, the game’s roadmap for 2023 promises the introduction of NFT drivers and write mechanisms that will benefit players in a number of ways.

How Does VIS Token Work? 

VIS Token to PHP is a popular keyword that is frequently searched on the internet especially by the people of the Philippines. However, to know more details about the conversion rate of this digital currency, it is important that we know more about the working of VIS tokens.

Vigorus or VIS is an NFT based utility token that is used in the online game Pegaxy which is a horse racing game. The Pegaxy game uses two types of tokens one of which is the VIS token which is used as the utility token in the game. However, you can also use the PXG also known as Pegaxy Stones that is used as the primary governance token in the game.

VIS token was launched with the Pegaxy game last year and has since been used to earn through the game. VIS is not a stable coin as its rate is variable. An interesting thing about the VIS token is that it cannot be mined and people can only buy it using different currencies through digital wallets and. However, you can also get hold of this coin by converting VIS token to PHP.

Founders of VIS Token 

Pegaxy was founded in 2021 and has grown into a team of 50+ employees in game design, engineering, blockchain development and other fields. The Pegaxy game was launched by its three core team members.

The members of the team which created Pegaxy game are:

  • Ken Pham is the CEO and founder of the Pegaxy game and token
  • Steve Nguyen is the CTO and co-founder of the game
  • Corey Wilton is the CMO and the co-founder of the game and token
  • Quynh Nguyen is the product owner of the VIS token
  • Mr Paul is the unity lead
  • Mr Hiep is the data scientist

Uses of VIS Token 

There are several uses of the token that are stated below:

  • It is used as a reward for the top three positions in the game
  • It can be used as the Pega breeding fees and money
  • This token is used as an NFT that can be converted to many other digital currencies including VIS token to PHP

Conversion Rate of VIS Token to PHP 

  • In BTC = 0,000001431, 41.74%
  • In ETH = 0,00001856, 40.85%
  • VIS price PHP = P3.17
  • Price Change 24h = P1.03, 47.96%
  • Trading Volume 24h = P242,040, 381.18, 256.21%
  • Market Dominance = No Data
  • VIS to PHP Market Rank = 2936

VIS Price PHP 

As we are now aware of the potential of the VIS token, it is necessary that we also know the conversion rate of the VIS token to PHP which is ₱0.006763. This rate is the result after the increase by 1.39% in the last 24 hours.

Price Prediction of VIS Token at The End of Each Year   

Rate prediction of VIS price PHP are as follows:

  • 2023 = Minimum P3.3358,
  • 2024 = Minimum P5.02936
  • 2025 = Minimum P7.1848
  • 2026 = Minimum P10.7772
  • 2027 = Minimum P15.396
  • 2028 = Minimum P22.5808
  • 2029 = Minimum P48.754
  • 2030 = Minimum P73.3876
  • 2031 = Minimum P106.2324

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the symbol of Vigorus token?

The symbol of the Vigorus token is VIS.

  • Is the rate of VIS token stable or not?

The rate of the VIS Token is not stable and changes on a regular basis.

  • What is the lowest rate of VIS token?

The lowest price of the VIS token is ₱0.000597.

  • What is the highest rate of VIS token?

Since the launch of this coin, the highest rate VIS token has reached is ₱15.23.

  • How old is the VIS token?

VIS token is an NFT based coin which is not much old and has only been created by the end of last year on 24th October 2021 along with the game Pegaxy.

  • Can VIS be mined?

No, VIS token cannot be mined and only earned through the game.

  • What is the conversion rate of VIS token to PHP?

The conversion rate of VIS token to PHP is ₱0.006763.

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