What is the Procedure to Create Valorant Account?

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If you are looking for FPS (First person shooting) games, then valorent is by far your perfect choice. Its first person perspective is what draws the attention of all the players because you can see what you would actually be seeing as a shooter. Its advanced 3 dimensional graphics make it a unique experience. It also supports multi player gaming so you can play it with your friends or join a valorant community to battle with or against. The amazing choices to choose from the artillery is what makes it so intriguing to play. Valorant provides the tactical shooters and the e-sports players an interactive and competitive environment where they can focus on their gameplay, with accessibility being their first priority for both professional and new players.

Valorant is an extremely sought after game in the market and the best news is that it is free to download and play.downloading it is also a hassle free job. Just one click of a button and you got it. To play it, all you need to do is to create valorant account and access the most amazing game ever. There are many advantages to creating your valorant account, for instance you can unlock new characters, customize them and even lay your hands on exclusive weapons. And a major plus point is that you can connect to millions of other valorant players around the world and  make your own clan or guild.

Valorant account creation is not a very difficult process, however if you still are confused, this article is guaranteed to  guide you on how you can create valorant account using multiple methods which have been tried, tested and approved by many.

Create valorant account

create valorant account

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If you have to download valorant, you first have to create an account on the riot client website. Then to play the game, you have to make another account on the official valorant game website. Then you can link both of your accounts and proceed to play.

Here is how you can create valorant account:

  • First of all, search for the official valorant website on your web browser.
  • Press the play free button that is prompting in the middle of the page.
  • A pop up menu will appear in front of you. There will be two options; either log into an existing account or to make a new account.
  • Click the make new account option that will be present on the left side of the pop up menu for your valorant account creation.
  • Once you click on the make new account button, a new popup will open in front of you, asking for an email account that you want to associate your valorant account with.
  • Enter your email ID and press Enter.
  • Then it will ask you for your birthday details. Enter them all correctly and then press Enter.
  • Next enter your user name that you will use to log into your valorant account each time. This user name  will also be used to sign in your accounts of different Riot games.
  • Create a password for your valorant account. This is the most important part of your valorant account creation as it will be used again and again to log into your valrant account.
  • Reenter your password for password confirmation. Both passwords should match to proceed with your valorant account creation. Then press Enter.
  • This will bring you back to the first page indicating that your valorant account has been created and that you can proceed to play the most dope game of all time.

How Can You Use Your Valorant Account to Improve Your Gameplay?

So, after your valorant account creation, here is how you can use it for your benefit. First of all , you can use it to chat with other professional players and ask for their own experience or tips and tricks to improve your own gameplay. Secondly you can access different valorant forums where you can get ample guidance and support from players belonging to different communities. Thirdly you can use it to connect with different people around the world to form your own clan and battle with others. Creating your own account lets you unlock different premium features such as different characters and different weapons. It also allows you to customise your characters. So there are quite a lot of benefits of creating a valorant account. Which can in turn help you improve your game play. Lastly valorant account creation helps you to compete in ranked watches and leader boards where you can show off your skill sets. Also you can purchase items from the built in game store of valorant to compliment your gameplay skills.

Modes in Valorant 

There are two different modes of valorant games, namely death match and spike rush. Spike rush is basically the best of 7 rounds. A total of 7 rounds are played. The team which wins the 4 round wins. Each team has a person called the spike. The opposing team tries to get hold of the spike and kill him while his own team defends him. All players initially have the same guns in each round. They can level up their weapons mid game according to their needs. The game has many standard orbs along with power up orbs that allow you to get multiple points.

The second mode is a death match in which there is a  single 9 minute round. The first player who ends up getting 40 kills or more wins. If none of the players get 40 kills during the 9 minutes then the player with the most kills is considered to be the winner.  The abilities of all the players is disabled during the round to promote a competitive game play however the players can use their shields or can use their agents during the game.


In short , Valorant is one of the most famous and iconic fps games out there and for a newbie making a new account can be hard so we have made it easy for you. But valorant always watches over an account, specially the new ones and takes strict actions if it finds something illegal.

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