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What to Do About Cracking Chimney Flue Tile & Why

by Alex James

The Chimney Repair Queens Ny flue liner is necessary when using your fireplace to protect your property from fire and stop dangerous gases from leaking back inside. Depending on when it was constructed, the clay tile lining inside your chimney may crack and put your family and home in danger.

Let’s look at the causes, the severity, and some potential treatments for broken flue liners.

What Leads to Cracks in Flue Tiles?

Clay flue liners are a typical component in many chimneys around the country due to their inexpensive installation prices. However, they are not as long-lasting as cast-in-place liners or metal.

The uneven heat distribution from the chimney is the main reason for clay tile breaking. Due to uneven heating, which causes clay to not absorb heat as well as other materials can, the tiles can bend and break.

Dangers of cracked flue tiles

Flue liners are necessary for every new fireplace construction because they serve as the first line of defence against chimney fires. As a result, the longer the issue is ignored, the greater the risk is to your home and family if your liner is damaged.

Damaged or missing flue tiles may lead to the following issues.

Smearing of Gas

Hazardous gas from combustion is carried up the flue and outside the building when a chimney system is functioning properly. Through a damaged flue liner, this gas can leak back into your home, risking the health of your family by poisoning them with carbon monoxide. According to the CDC, there were 2,444 accidental carbon monoxide poisoning deaths between 2010 and 2015, with the winter months having the highest mortality rates. Due to the lack of colour or smell, carbon monoxide often goes unnoticed until it is too late.

Loss of Efficiency

If your chimney were a straw, the liquid would flow more slowly if the straw were damaged. The chimney operates similarly. If the flue tiles are damaged, the smoke and gas the fire creates won’t effectively exit the house. Due to inadequate ventilation, your fireplace will burn inefficiently and generate less heat than it would if your chimney liner were intact.

Fire in a home

If your chimney liner is damaged, your home could catch fire as well. The high temperatures in the chimney may reach the combustible elements in your home through the fissures, igniting them. A cracked or unlined chimney can cause woodwork to catch fire in as little as 3.5 hours, according to experts. If your family is asleep or not home, the loss might be terrible.

Structure decay

Finally, a broken chimney liner can allow gases to penetrate the brick and mortar chimney components. Due to the deterioration and fragmentation of the brickwork materials brought on by these gases, the chimney may lean or collapse.

Repairing a Damaged Flue Liner

As we previously mentioned, clay flue liners are less durable, less effective at absorbing heat, and more prone to corrosion than other materials like metal. The best course of action is to repair any broken tiles, but bear in mind that the problem will return quickly. Clay liners have a lifespan of five to ten years, depending on the quality. Replace a cracked clay tile liner with one made of a more durable material, like stainless steel or cast-in-place chimney liners, if you can afford to spend a little more money doing so. Both liners will last you your entire life if you maintain them regularly, making them a superior investment than clay.

How can I tell if I need to replace my flue liner?

The typical homeowner might not be aware that their chimney needs repair until something terrible happens. Making arrangements for a yearly inspection by a knowledgeable professional is the greatest way to stay informed about the condition of your chimney. Regular cleaning and inspection can help avoid creosote buildup, another contributing factor to chimney fires and a competent Chimney Replacement Queens Ny specialist can spot small damage and repair it before it develops. Whether it would be more economical to repair or replace your damaged flue liner will be determined by an expert.

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