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What is the importance of double-wall tuck-top boxes for products?

Importance of double-wall tuck-top boxes

by Alex James

Whenever a brand that is product based wanted to sell its products the very first thing to keep in mind is the packaging. Thus, the packaging with double wall tuck top boxes is unique and alluring. As there are multiple types of packaging, for example, single wall boxes or double wall and sometimes triple wall boxes with an extra layer. But one of the best packaging is double wall tuck boxes. These are studier and rugged in nature than the other two types. Many experts are using fluted paper sheets for these boxes as they are highly secure in nature. Additionally, brands can use a variety of other materials like recycling paper, cardboard, or kraft paper. Thus, having double wall tuck top boxes for products gives strength and durability to the products.

So, whenever as a brand you are delivering the products, it is very useful to have these boxes because they are highly secure. They are protective and keep the items safe and secure even for a long journey. Not only security they are stylish and presentable in nature. When the targeted customers receive the products, they are highly satisfied with both the opening and closing designs. This opening and closing design mean they lock tabs at their ends. These tabs are additional protective points that keep the products safe.

Uses of double wall tuck top boxes:

Whenever you are trying to deliver products that are heavy and fragile in nature, the use of these boxes is the best choice. Not only because they are secure in nature but they are highly preferred for heavy products due to their lock tabs. Moreover, these boxes are rigid in nature which will help in better withstanding and storing conditions. Most brands use these boxes for their retail products. Because of their insulating and protecting power, they are the best options against heat and high temperatures.

double wall tuck top boxes

Fascinate your targeted customers:

Fascinating the targeted customers with creative and innovative designs helps a lot. So, whenever as a brand you are manufacturing a double wall box keep certain things in mind. For example, how to choose colors for boxes. Let’s have an example of the food industry. Experts are using bold and natural colors with product images on the boxes to attract customers. using product images can create an enticing brand story for their customers. moreover, if you look at furniture their boxes are usually brown in color. Or look at the fresh green products they are packed in green color boxes.

Provide security:

The use of material plays a very important role in keeping product security in mind. Cardboard is one of the most used materials that are highly sturdy in nature. It’s not only about providing security according to the material but experts can customize their desired strength according to the product’s nature. So, with this secure nature brands can deliver their products to their target destinations without any damage. Their sturdy nature is also helpful in reducing costs during shipping and transportation because of their lightweight. For example, mailer boxes are always ordered in a flat shape, which is very helpful in reducing the cost during delivery time. Thus, when you are ordering these double wall tuck boxes in bulk you are ultimately lowering your shipping cost.

Increase sales:

Highly secure means better sales of the products. Security is one of the most important things that customers have to keep in mind no matter what. The more secure your product is the easier for the brand to sell the product. Moreover, the market is highly competitive these days and every other brand is trying to increase their sales. Therefore, if you are using customized printing options you are giving an exceptional look that will ultimately attract customers. Additionally, using innovative designs and different fonts on the boxes can also grab the customer’s attention. Thus, ultimately giving a remarkable increase in sales.

Easily affordable:

The affordability of the products depends on the use of materials for these boxes. And when it comes to manufacturing double-wall tuck boxes they are made of paperboard that are sometimes recyclable. Moreover, you can easily assemble these materials into a box shape, thus using a limited budget for manufacturing. All these benefits make these boxes highly affordable. So, these boxes are not expensive at all, and almost every other brand is using these boxes for their heavy products.

double wall tuck top boxes

Multiple customization options:

Whenever a box is in the manufacturing process the best thing is its easy customization. This can be done using multiple options like the use of unique printings or even sometimes the shapes of boxes can attract the customers. but these shapes and sizes of the boxes depend on the product requirements. This box is not only easy to customization but also in assembling. Thus, giving many benefits and functions to the products with the use of different crafting techniques. These boxes are highly efficient and reliable for multiple products. Sometimes the printing techniques are not as easy as seen. But as the competition is tough different brands are using their name and logo with color fonts to attract the audience. Grabbing customers’ attention is kind of difficult thing but once you are manufacturing unique boxes you are trying your best to serve the customers.

Thus, printing the boxes not only gives the products a new shape but also serves the customers at their best. In printing, you can have the image of the product on the box or the brand logo, or the name of the brand.  Additionally, in the printing technique, there are multiple options like matte or glossy lamination or finishing, or gold and silver foiling.

Summing up:

Thus, using double-wall tuck-top boxes for multiple products is one of the best options for giving a secure nature to multiple products. These boxes are the best options for multiple products rather than using single wall tuck-top boxes in terms of security during transportation.

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