How Organic Soybean Meal Is Beneficial To Livestock?


by Alex James

A , lsoAiscussions on soybean and associated products have always been focused on human consumption and the benefits available to humans. Little deliberation has been paid on using organic soybean meal on livestock. As is the case with humans, soybean meal plays an integral role in livestock nutrition, increasing the health of livestock and the benefits that accrue to humans by taking care of the livestock.  

The article considers the benefits that livestock obtain from soybean meals. 


What is Organic Soybean Meal? 

 Soybean meal is a significant protein source from soybean oil processing utilized in livestock animals’ diets. In fact, the global soy use in soybean meal accounts for two-thirds of the entire production of protein feedstuffs produced all over the globe. Any other plant-based protein source cannot match its nutritional value due to the feed’s quality.  

Soybean meal is often categorized based on the amount of crude protein it contains. High-protein varieties have had their hulls removed and have between 47 and 49 percent protein and 3 percent crude fiber. Other types of soybean meal include the hulls or portion of the hulls. The oil content of soybean meals extracted using a solvent is less than 2%.  

Still, the oil content of soybean meals extracted using a mechanical process is ordinarily more than 3%. To that extent, any livestock farmer needs to consider the process of production of the soybean meal before providing it to the livestock. 


Benefits of Soybean Meal to Livestock 


  • Protein Source 


The amount of protein in soybean meals is substantial, particularly when compared to the amount of protein in other plant-based foods. Additionally, soybean meal has an excellent amino acid profile that complements other sources of energy that are often included in cattle diets.  

Compared to other protein sources, soybean meal has a profile of amino acids that are more harmoniously distributed than other protein sources. This has led to the meal’s long-held reputation as an excellent livestock protein source. 


  • Energy Content 


Animals require a high supply of energy content to be healthy and mature well. Additionally, energy is instrumental for mating, keeping warm, and keeping their bodies healthy if they contract diseases. Not many sources of animal feed adequately provide this service to the animals in question. As such, since soybean meal has a significantly high energy content, it is an essential and highly beneficial meal source for livestock. The energy content in the soybean meal suffices in providing the animals with the energy they need for various activities. 

Owners often use soybean oil as a protein source for dairy cattle. This is especially true for heat-treated soy meal products that provide more rumen undegradable protein (RUP) to the diet. 




  • Natural Product 


The service obtained from organic soybean meal is highly beneficial to the animals and goes a long way toward maintaining biodiversity. Since the organic soybean meal has not undergone adulteration arising from using chemicals and genetically modified crops.  Also, farmers can rest assured that the kind of products they furnish their livestock is natural.  

The use of chemicals in feed often compromises the growth of livestock and the quality of the subsequent product. For instance, the production rate of the eggs obtained from hens that have consumed feed compromised by chemicals can be very wanting. As such, the organic nature of the feed protects the animals. 


  • Quality of Product 


The quality of the feed one serves animals is very important in maintaining livestock health. Just as is the case with how the Food and Drug Administration maintains the quality of food and approves the kind of food humans consume, so is the quality of soybean meal. Many institutions within the market regularly control the type of soybean meal that enters the market. The resultant effect is that the livestock maintains a high standard of feed consumption, resulting in proper growth. 


  • Reliability of Supply 


The value chain for soybeans in the United States comprises a sizable network of processing factories and several transportation alternatives to cater to customers’ requirements. In addition, the final product is reliable and can be purchased at a price comparable to its competitors. For that reason, the sustainability of soybean meal at a low cost provides a great advantage to livestock since they are guaranteed a continuous supply of the product.  




Parting Shot 


As illustrated above, soybean meal is one of the most popular kinds of meal available to different livestock. The fact the meal is suitable for all kinds of livestock, including cattle, poultry, and pigs, saves a great deal for farmers who keep different types of livestock. As such, it would be desirable for farmers to consider using livestock feed. 


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