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Are you a fan of true crime reenactments and series? If yes, then you must have come across a recently launched series on the famous streaming platform of Hulu named Candy. Candy is a short series that was released earlier this year in May which featured a true story of a crime of passion involving Candace Wheeler Georgia Therapist.

Shortly after the release of the show on Hulu, Candace Wheeler became a frequently searched name on the internet as people became curious to know whether the story covered in the show is true or not. Candace Wheeler Georgia became a popular and trending keyword on the internet and fans were willing to know more about this therapist’s life before and after the incident.  Are you also curious to know the details? Head right up to gain more information on the matter.

Who is Candace Wheeler? 

candace wheeler georgia


Candace Wheeler also known as Candy, is an American therapist currently living in Georgia. She became the center of spotlight after committing a heinous act of murder or her neighbor Betty Gore. Before becoming a therapist, she was a regular American housewife and homemaker. She lived in Wylie, a small town in Texas, along with her ex-husband Pat Montgomery.

Candace Wheeler and Pat Montgomery together give birth and raised two children, a son and a daughter. Candace Wheeler Georgia committed murder in 1980 and later divorced from her husband after moving to Georgia.

Popular Show ‘Candy’ on Hulu 

The interesting story of the incident involving Candace Wheeler Georgia therapist and her neighbor Betty Gore was recently created as a series for the streaming platform Hulu. The show was loved by the fans and as true crime is a popular genre in the entertainment industry, more and more people are drawn to watching this series as well.

The Hulu show, Candy is based on the true-life events that occurred in 1980 and excellently portrays the characters while creating a strong base of the story. The show premiered on Hulu on 9th May 2022, after which many fans became very curious to know more about the life and occupation of the protagonist of the show Candace Wheeler Therapist Georgia. The show Candy was widely received and to add to the interest of the fans, HBO Max also showed interest in adapting the same story in the production of their own.

The Incident Involving Candace Wheeler Georgia Therapist 

According to the story and the reports, while Candace Wheeler Georgia therapist was living in Wylie, Texas with her husband, Pat Montgomery and her children, she was reportedly neighbors to a housewife named Betty Gore.

Candace and Betty become fast friends while passing each other on the streets and attending the church service. However, Candace showed more interest in Betty Gore’s husband, Alan Gore more than her newly made friend.

Some time passes and both the families are involved with each other and share their routine, so much so that the daughters of Betty and Candace also become best friends and often stay at one another’s house for sleepovers.

Reportedly, on 13th June 1980, Candace Wheeler visits her neighbor, Betty Gore and asks for her daughter’s swimsuit. As Betty’s daughter was staying at the Montgomery’s home for a sleepover and Candace was taking the children to the swim class.

Upon arriving at Betty’s house, Candace Wheeler Georgia was confronted by Betty of having an extra-marital affair with Alan (Betty’s husband). Upon which both the women got into a fight and according to Candace, Betty picked up an axe from her garage and tried to take a swing at Candace. Luckily Candace was able to save herself, but in an act of self-defense, she hit Betty back with the axe which proved to be lethal.

Candace Wheeler claimed that she killed Betty in an act of self-defense, however, the forensic reports said that Betty Gore was hit forty-one times, which showed that she was killed in an act of passion and not self-defense.

The Reason Behind Committing a Heinous Crime 

Candace Wheeler Therapist Goergia was involved in a crime of murdering an American woman in her home. It was the extra-marital affair that she was having with the victim’s husband that led Candace to take such drastic steps and commit a heinous act of murder.

Aftermath of the Popular Incident 

Candace Wheeler was presented in front of the judge in court in October 1980 and was later released by the end of the month by the court. She was not found guilty by the court as she successfully convinced the judge of her act being solely done for self-defense.

However, there were numerous people that did not comply with the court’s order and were not happy about the court’s decision of releasing Candace Wheeler Georgia Therapist and dropping all charges.

Important Points on Candace Wheeler’s Life 

  • Candace Wheeler was accused of murder of her neighbor, Betty Gore.
  • Charges were being pressed on her which were later dropped by the court.
  • She was ruled not-guilty as she acted in self-defense.
  • Soon after the trial was over and the charges were dropped, she moved out of Texas along with her family.
  • After moving to Georgia from Texas, the couple Pat and Candace divorced.
  • When married to Pat Montgomery, Candace went by the name Candace Montgomery, which was changed to her maiden name after their divorce.

Views of People on Candace Wheeler Therapist Georgia Case 

Reportedly, many people accused Candace for her friend’s death and blamed her for bringing hardships for her kids. After all the charges of the murder on Candace were dropped by the court, people became very furious and not at all happy with the decision of the court.

Candace Wheeler Georgia Current Residence 

Candace Wheeler Georgia is the current residence of the therapist. After her trial ended in 1980 and all the charges were dropped, she moved from Wylie, Texas to Georgia with her husband and children. However, soon after the move, the couple divorced and moved on their separate ways.

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