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How to convert Bomb Coin to PHP

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NFT based gaming coins are on the rise nowadays and people are more than willing to invest their money on digital currencies of this type. Besides the popular market of block-chains and cryptocurrencies, NFTs are also giving quite a performance.

In this article we will be sharing details about a particular NFT which is a game-based coin called Bomb coin. Apart from getting into details, you will also be able to know the current conversion rates of Bomber coin to PHP. As many people from the Philippines are investing in NFTs, different digital currencies conversion rates to PHP have become a hot topic among the internet users. If you are willing to know about this game coin and Bombercoin to PHP conversion ratethen stay with us and read the details.

What is Bomber Coin? 

Many NFTs and game-based digital currencies are frequently bought and traded in several South-Asian countries, especially the Philippines. Bomber coin is also very famous in the Philippines which is why many users are constantly looking for conversion rate of Bomber Coin to PHP.

Bomber Coin is an NFT based gaming coin which is created for the game Bomber Hero. This coin is used as a utility token in the Bomber Hero game and is used to gain various in-game perks and benefits.

There are three ways this coin can be gained through the game, which are:

  • Adventure mode in the game allows the Bomber Hero to participate in each level
  • Arena Battle Mode allows the player to choose the Bomber Hero and join in a Bomb Battle. However, this mode requires some fees from the participants and players
  • Manage Hero Mode is used to create and choose new heroes to carry on with the game. Using this mode, participants can play rescue mission game and also remove prison block

Founder of Game and Bomber Coin 

Bomber Coin NFT and Bomber Hero game was launched in the September of last year (September 2021). Lam Ho is the CEO and founder of this coin and game and he still currently holds his position as the CEO. Apart from the CEO, Bomber Hero is also the result of the efforts of Tai Duong who is an award-winning security researcher and adviser.

Other team members and advisers for Bomber Hero include Truong Do and Eric Vuong. However, the main role in the launch of this coin is of Liam Ho. He conducted a thorough research and analysis before launching this game and coin in the online market.

Market Conversion Rate from Bomber Coin to PHP 

According to the market’s trends, the conversion rate of digital currencies depends on various factors. However, the statistics of Bomber Coin along with the conversion of Bombercoin to PHP are stated below:

  • Current Price: $2.37
  • Volume/Market Cap: 0.1543
  • Market Cap: $2,141,837 (40.13%)
  • Price Change in 24h: $0.6497 (37.56%)
  • 24h Low: $1.45
  • 24h High: $2.66
  • Market Rank: 1569
  • Market Dominance: 0.00%
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $2,144,099.68
  • 30 Day Low: $1.44
  • 30 Day High: $3.09
  • All-Time High: $14.06
  • All-Time Low: $0.1673
  • Bomb Roi: 309.92%
  • Total Supply: 903,310 Bomb
  • Maximum Supply: No Data
  • Bomber Coin to PHP: 120.31
  • Circulating Supply: 902,522 Bomb
  • Trading Volume: $330,449.82 (9.73%)

All the statistics and data mentioned above may vary from time to time and from site to site.

Bombercoin to PHP – Why Should You Buy This Coin? 

Before you plan to start investing in some digital coin, it is very important to know whether the coin you are planning to buy has got potential or not. Here are some pointers that will give you a clear understanding about the market cap of Bomber Coin.

  • The Bomber Coin which is an NFT based utility token in the game Bomber Hero, is run by the community and is suitable to invest for a buyer.
  • The coin has an open-source ecosystem that can help the buyer to manage the assets in a non-centralized financial structure.
  • Bomber Coin cannot be utilized for daily transaction purposes.

How To Buy Bomber Coin?

The Bomber Coin can be earned by playing the famous game Bomber Hero. However, if you want to buy this BFT based coin then you can follow the method stated below:

  • Open your browser and go to Flat-to-Crypto Exchange
  • Log in on the platform using your personal details
  • Exchange the “Flat Money” to ETH or BTC
  • Transfer the ETH or BTC to the platform of Bomber Coin
  • Make sure to check the Bomber Coin to PHP conversion rate before proceeding and making transactions
  • Now, transfer the money to your account and proceed with the transaction
  • After this the process is complete and you have successfully bought the Bomber coin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the symbol of Bomber Coin?

The symbol of the Bomber Coin which is used as a utility token in the game of Bomber Hero is BCOIN.

  • Is Bomber Coin a stable coin?

No, Bomber Coin is not stable and has variable rates which changes on a daily basis.

  • Can we connect to the Bomb platform using social media handles?

The Bomber Hero platform has its own social media handle for Twitter and users can connect via Twitter to the platform.

  • What is the all-time lowest price of Bomber Coin?

The all-time lowest rate of Bomber Coin was $0.1673.

  • What is the all-time highest price of Bomber Coin?

The all-time highest rate of the Bomber Coin was $14.06.

  • What is the conversion rate of Bomber coin to PHP?

The current conversion rate of Bomber coin to PHP is P0.120.31.

  • Can you transfer Bomber Coin into cash?

The Bomber Coin is an NFT and it cannot be transferred to cash directly.

  • How much is Bomber Coin Today?

The Bomber coin rate today is $0.012388.

Other information about Bomber Coin include:

Price in USD $0.012388

All-time high $16.93

Market Cap $0.0

24h Volume $6.3 Thousand

  • Will the rate of Bomber Coin go up?

Yes, there is a valid and professional prediction that the rate of Bomber Coin NFT may increase in the future.

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