What are gourmet cookies, and what makes them so special?

By: Alex James

If you live in Toronto, you would know the popularity that cookies enjoy in the city. These sweet doughy disks are the first choice when it comes to snacks for many people, and no wonder the city is dotted with many cookie shops. 

Various cookies endear themselves to people by their taste, look, and texture. One of those is gourmet cookies, which differ from the others with their natural ingredients, preparation style, etc. You can order gourmet cookies in Toronto online and deliver them to your home. But the fun doesn’t end there, as you can select from different gourmet cookies, each differing from the next by their toppings, but all as tasty as the other.  

But if you’ve never tried these tasty baked goodies before, here are some things about them that you might find interesting.

What is a gourmet cookie?

A gourmet cookie is a type of baked good made with the finest ingredients like white sugar and cocoa powder and has a high-quality appearance. These cookies make for excellent gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings because they are considered luxurious treats. However, you can also enjoy them as a regular snack with a cup of tea, coffee, or milk

Interestingly, apart from the peameal bacon sandwich, which is a favourite snack of most people in Toronto, cookies come a close second, as people love it not just for its relishing taste but also because it pairs well with their favourite beverage: coffee.

How long should you warm gourmet cookies?

Warming gourmet cookies is a delicate process. You want to heat them just enough to melt the chocolate coating but not so much that it becomes a liquid. The best way to warm up your gourmet cookies is by using an oven thermometer and checking their temperature. The recommended time for warming gourmet cookies is 20 seconds because any more than that will lead to the chocolate chips or toppings melting into a puddle on your plate.

Types of gourmet cookies 

Very Red Velvet

Red velvet is a chocolate chip cookie flavoured with an enticing combination of white chocolate chips and cocoa. Its main ingredients are butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, food colour and nuts. 

Double chocolate enigma

The dark chocolate enigma is a cookie that takes the traditional chocolate chip cookie and gives it an upgrade. If you like a strong chocolate-flavoured cookie, this is the one you should go for. 

Besides containing the usual ingredients like butter, flour, chocolate chips, and cocoa powder, it has Belgian chocolate, highly coveted amongst the people in Toronto for its consistent taste and non-grainy texture when it melts on the tongue.

Besides these two, other types of gourmet cookies are Original Chocolate Chip, Chunky Chocolate Galore, Macadamia Magic, Vanilla White Chip, and Nutty Nutella. 

How much do they cost?

Most gourmet cookies you will find in online bakery stores in Toronto will cost between 25 to 30 CAD, depending on which cookie you buy and the pack. You can either go with a six-pack or a ten-pack, where choosing the latter will cost you more. 

Things to check before placing your order

Before placing an order with a bakery, ask them in which areas of Toronto they deliver and if they have a local pick-up option. How long will it take to receive your order, and do they accept earlier deliveries if required? You can also ask them about their return policy, although most bakeries across Toronto will not have a return option because gourmet cookies have a limited shelf life. 

A gourmet cookie is a special treat you can enjoy at any time of the day, and the best part is that you can order gourmet cookies in Toronto from the comfort of your home or have them sent as a gift to someone you love. They are delicious and beautiful and will leave you delighted with every bite. 

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