The 5 Best Shotshells You Should Carry on Your Next Hunting Adventure

By: Alex James

Hunters have the inclination to use shotguns since they are very versatile. This has resulted in a complex and huge ammunition market. You will come across thousands of shotgun shells offering mixed results regarding shotgun ammunition. The right ammunition will make you more likely to be an excellent hunter.

A shot is a cluster of tiny pellets out of a shotgun. Ammunition manufacturers make it from pure lead coated with bismuth, steel, and copper. The smallest type of shotgun shell is the birdshot, while the buckshot is the largest. A buckshot is suitable for hunting vermin and deer or self-defense. Large shot sizes typically include 1,2, and 3, along with B, BB, and BBB. Other large shot sizes include T, F, and FF. If you are hunting game birds, you can use small diameters like 7 ½, 8, or 9. This piece unpacks the five top shotshells you should consider for your next hunting adventure.

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1. Winchester Super-X Game and Target Loads

The Winchester Super-X Game and Target Load is a fantastic option for hunting small game and birds. The shotshells use winchester 209 primers, notable for their consistent and reliable ignition. The line also features a single-piece hinged wad that enhances patterns and lower felt recoil. The shells are available in various gauges, including 12, 20, and 28. Moreover, they come in steel and lead shot options.

The Winchester Super-X Game and Target Loads are perfect if you want more dependable power. It has been made with the same high skills, quality, and care level since 1922, with the highest quality components and precise manufacturing processes. You will get consistent and dependable performance that generations of hunters and shooters alike have depended on for generations. These shells are tailored for consistent performance on various small games.

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2. Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS

The Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS is an excellent option if you are looking to hunt more giant games. This is a high-performance option for competitive shooters and hunters. The TSS in the title stands for Tungsten Super Shot, a dense and hard alloy shot.

These shotshells deliver the perfect patterns of dense tungsten shot on target for the highest penetration at long range. The tungsten alloy is 18 gm/cc density, 22% higher than the standard tungsten and 56% denser than lead.

The greater density of the pellets leads to a higher downgrade energy transfer. Advanced buffering material helps keep pellets concentric for the highest retained velocity and true flight. The heavy TSS shotshells are available in 12 gauge with a muzzle velocity of 1080 feet per second. Overall, the shotshells are made for the highest performance levels and are most suitable for long-range hunting.

3. Remington Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug

The Remington Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug is the perfect shotgun shell for hunting big game such as bears and deer. It features a polymer tip that assists in keeping the ballistic coefficient of the slug and improves its accuracy. The slug is made of lead and is encased in a plastic sabot, which assists in the improvement of the slug’s stability and accuracy as it exits the barrel.

The bonding process that makes the slug increases its penetration and weight retention. The muzzle of the shotshell has a velocity of 2,400 feet per second, and it comes in a 12 gauge. It is designed to give consistent and accurate shots and has a single projectile, unlike traditional shotshells.

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4. Winchester Super-Target

Winchester Super-Target shotshells are made for clay pigeons and trap shooting. They offer consistent performance, reliability, and high quality, ensuring your hunting needs are met. Moreover, they come in various shot sizes and gauges to meet different shooting needs.

The shotshell is designed for hunting, target shooting, and shooting sports. Amateur and professional shooters widely use them. The Super-Target shells are also notable for their high velocities, tight patterns, and excellent accuracy, making them a great choice for hunters and shooters.

5. Fiocchi Aero Slug

Fiocchi is an Italian company that produces high-quality ammunition for hunting and shooting sports. It has been in business for more than a century and is known for producing some of the best ammunition in the market, and the Aero Slug shotshells are no exception. They are made with high-quality components and are tested rigorously to ensure reliability and consistent performance.

These slug shotshells are perfect for hunters who are searching for high-performance ammunition that reaches out to extended ranges. If you want to take down a big game with an accurate and powerful shot, the shotshells will serve you well.

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Wrapping Up

There are a variety of shotgun shells available for target shooting and hunting, each with its unique uses and characteristics. Ensure you choose the shotgun shell types according to the game you intend to hunt. Also, remember to be cautious about the length of your ammunition and use a quality gun that inspires confidence while hunting.

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