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Profile pictures are a very important part of someone’s image. As the world is evolving and many things have become online rather than physical, keeping an updated and attractive online profile is very vital. And to do that, the best thing you can adapt is to create and share beautiful profile pictures of yourself.

Seeing a bold, confident and attractive personality on any profile picture is the 101 of online socializing. If you are also trying to create beautiful profile pictures, but fails miserably because of the lack of technical skills, then don’t worry, Newprofilepicture com Android app may help you in your cause.

This app not only allows you to create beautiful images using AI techs, but also gives you the opportunity to completely change your look and gain a fresh look for the profile pictures.  Interested enough? Find out more details about this amazing app that can totally change your take on profile pictures imagery without any hassle.

What is Newprofilepicture Com? 

Newprofilepicture com is an app developed for Android devices that allows the users to create beautiful, vibrant photos for their profile pictures. This app is used worldwide and many people are taking benefit from this AI-driven app that does all the work by itself and creates beautifully artistic images that can easily be used as profile pictures for several social media accounts.

The Newprofilepicture com Android app was launched earlier this year on 6th April 2022 and has since become a popular choice among Android users. This app uses advanced mechanisms and techniques based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance and beautify the pictures and photos for social media profile pictures.

The app is developed by Linerock Investment LTD and has made its debut on Google Play Store in April 2022. The app is generally used for enhancing photos and pictures, however, it can also be used for photography and taking photos using the camera of the Android device.

Newprofilepicture Com Android App – Turns Photos into Art 

Newprofilepicture com is presented in a minimalist user interface which is much appreciated by the users. Once the app is launched on a device, a simple and neat homepage will be ready to welcome the users. On the homepage, the user will get to see a “CHOOSE PHOTO” button placed at the bottom of the screen. Pressing this button will allow the user to upload the photos and transform them into their preferred type of art.

After the image is selected, the app will take some time to process the picture and turn it into an art style photo. Often, the result comes out instantly, while sometimes it can take a little more time. The app uses quite a lot of memory on the Android device while it’s working which often leads to crashes and app closing if the device is not in an optimal condition.

Newprofilepicture com Android app uses a wide range of image styles such as AI-driven cartoon portraits, trendy art effects, catchy toony filters and so much more that can be freely used without any fee.   After the users are satisfied with the work of the app, It is now time to go and try different profile pictures on the social media accounts. This image changer is very useful and worth keeping on the phone so that any picture can be instantly changed using an art-inspired display photo according to the preference.

Modern Digital Art with Newprofilepicture Com For Android Phone 

Newprofilepicture com is a useful and easy-to-use Android app that can help you transform your simple photo into a high-quality digital art within a few minutes. There are loads of artistic designs on the app that are accessible to every user of the app.

All of the features offered within the app can be used and applied to your photos without paying any charges or fees. Using this app, you can enjoy various types of new profile pictures instantly. Having a very simple interface, the changing process of the photos can be done quickly even without any experience in editing.

Pros and Cons of Using Newprofilepicture Com 


  • The app lets you transform and change simple images and photos to creative digital art
  • There are a lot of options of art styles in Newprofilepicture com Android app to choose from
  • The interface of the app is straight-forward and easy to use
  • The app and all of its features are available to the users without any cost


  • The images may take longer sometimes to convert and change
  • The app is reported to crash often by the users

Newprofilepicture Com Android App Specifications 

App Name Newprofilepicture com
Rating 4.5 stars
Reviews 87.3 k Reviews
Last Update on 26th October 2022
Downloads 1 Million +
License Free
Version v0.5.0
System Requirements Android 5.5 and Above
Developed By LineRock Investment Ltd.

Newprofilepicture Com App Features 

Newprofilepicture com Android app is loaded with a lot of features that make the users rate this app with many stars. The features of the app are stated below:

  • The users are able to upload and change any photos for profile picture.
  • You can choose any photo to transform according to your liking.
  • Other than editing and enhancing the photos, you can also add some details on the pictures.
  • This app helps you share your unique profile picture with friends and other internet users.
  • Allows you to create different types of profile pictures and stay in the talks of other internet users.
  • You can upload your transformed and enhanced pictures on any social media platform.
  • Change your profile picture anytime, anywhere with ease.

Final Thought  

Newprofilepicture com offers an excellent app that captures the attention of internet users, mostly social media users. This fantastic Android app allows the user to create unique digital arts for their profile pictures using their photos.  The app has a great rating on the Google Play Store and has some promising features that has driven many Android users to give this app a try and transform their profile pictures according to their liking.

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