Most Popular Gemstones you must include in your Jewelry collection

By: Alex James

Since ancient culture, jewelry has been an integral part of every woman’s beauty and adornment. A famous saying is that a woman’s embellishment is incomplete without adding beautiful jewelry components, whether Gemstone Jewelry or metal jewelry; both play a key role in enhancing a woman’s appearance.

Gemstones have been recognized for creating subtle parts of jewelry ornaments for many centuries. As they carry some attractive features and a shimmering surface, which captures attention when they are worn as jewelry forms. I have compiled a list of a few specific gemstones you must have in your jewelry collection, allowing you to become advanced in this fashion world. Let’s take a look below.


Boost your jewelry collection by including the chic parts of Opal Jewelry, which Opal acknowledges as the queen of gems. Opal comes in multiple mesmerizing colors, including pink, white, gray, orange, and many more. Opal has always been the first choice of every gem enthusiast because they can choose their favorite color. In addition, Opal symbolizes love, happiness, and wealth in its wearer’s life.

The intensified colors of the Opal suits every skin tone and outfit, allowing you to blend with your western attire as well as traditional ones. Thus, adorning the Opal Ring as your daily wear accessory is the best option to feel the beauty of multiple colors.


Include the June Birthstone Moonstone to start fresh in your life, as the gem stands for positive vibes and shimmering lustrous like the Moonbeams. An opalescent gem in looking exhibits an adularescence effect, making it a colorful gem ranging from gray, brown, peach, and pink. The stunning Moonstone represents the Lunar Planet that rules on our emotions and feelings; therefore, the Moonstone jewelry tends to calm one’s mind and wash its wearer’s negative energy.


If you want to feel the beauty of planets and meteoroids, then Moldavite is the perfect stone. Enhance your jewelry collection by including chic pieces of Moldavite jewelry like rings, pendants, and earrings. The subtle beauty of the gem will allow you to adorn a captivating look while going for outings and evening parties, as it captures the instant attention of others.

Moldavites have been deemed the part of the meteoroids that coiled with the earth around 15 million years ago near the Czech Republic region. Hence, sometimes the stunning gem is also known as an alien or planetary stone. Its deep green shades look fabulous when blended with a gorgeous metal like sterling silver or rose gold.


Amethyst is a deep purple-colored gemstone that is an official birthstone for those born in February. In addition, Amethyst is said to be a stone that promotes love, peace, positive vibes, and good fortune for whoever holds the stunning crystal. Therefore, most couples pick Amethyst Jewelry to gift each other on their special days, as its blend of red and purple hues mesmerizes everyone in its first glimpse. Moreover, people include stunning pieces of Amethyst in their routine wear accessories to express their style uniquely.


Last but foremost, Mookaite is a nurturing stone that grounds your mind and soul soothingly. The gems are the parts of the Kennedy Ranges of Mooka Creek in Western Australia. Ranging in different shades of red, brown, yellow, and gray are the most in which you can get the gemstone.

These days people are adopting a trend of adorning colorful crystal jewel accessories like Mookaite jewelry so they can feel the beauty of colors in one stone. Mookaite’s reddish brown color is one of the most popular, especially among youngsters, as they pick it in 925 sterling silver metal that allows them to get compliments from others.

Buying Source of Gemstone Jewelry

As I have mentioned, most of the popular gemstones are trending in the market. So, whenever you decide to buy your favorite one mentioned above, make sure you have approached a reputed trader for your shopping. A renowned trader provides you with a genuine gemstone with the best quality of metal that works for a longer time. So, you can explore your favorite one at Rananjay Exports, as they are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry worldwide and are known for their best qualities of services; visit the website now.

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