How does the health ATM save clinical time?

by Alex James

Health ATM is an innovative health kiosk that enables patients to diagnose their health parameters and goes under medical tests at affordable rates. It can be installed easily at clinics, hospitals, schools, and various areas. 

The best thing is that the health ATM is an FDA and CE-approved device that is well-integrated with medical devices. It can diagnose more than 40 health parameters within 10 minutes. 

The touch screen, high-resolution camera, and noise-canceling mic are available for the smooth consultation of patients with their doctors. To gain more information on the benefits and functioning of health ATMs, read the article below. 

Key points to understand the health ATM 

How does the health ATM work? What functions are performed by health ATMs? Let us see the working of Health atm India by looking at the following features. 

  • Instant diagnostics and result

The health ATM works properly to ensure the instant diagnosis of patient health and give instant health results to them. Here are the instant diagnostics performed by health ATM

  • General body checkups- Weight, height, BMI, muscle %, and fat%
  • Infectious diseases- Malaria, dengue, and typhoid 
  • Child health- HIV I and II blood hemoglobin, pregnancy, urinary tract infection 
  • Respiratory and lungs checkups- Blood oxygen saturation 
  • Remote monitoring- Dermascope, digital stethoscope, fundus camera, an otoscope  
  • Diabetes and kidney- Urine specific, urine PH, urine urobilinogen.  

  • Offline and live doctor consultation 

The health ATM allows the patients to consult with the expert doctor through video communication support or telehealth. 

  • Telemedicine made easy

The telemedicine of health ATm made it easy for patients to book appointments online and join video communication with their health doctors. 

According to health atm news, both the patients and doctors can discuss their health reports and get medical assistance according to convenience. 

  • In-person visit 

Noise-canceling mic and integrated smart screen ensure smooth experiences. Doctors can easily get patient data through integrated devices such as ECG, otoscope, dermoscopy, etc. 

  • Begin treatment in less time 

On the basis of consultation and health reports, doctors can give digital prescriptions to patients. Patients can print it and begin their treatment immediately. 

  • Digital health record 

Health atm India empowers patients to monitor their health records and video consults with them, make doctor appointments, and many more in a hassle-free manner. 

  • It maintains the health records of all family members in the telehealth database.
  • It manages and easily books an appointment online for patients 
  • It provides the in built-chat features and video consultation 
  • The patients can contact health ATM support with a few clicks 
  • It provides access to all features by patients through a web portal 
  • Patients can access doctor prescriptions and health checkup reports on the way 


The patient can easily monitor their health through the health ATM. It is a cloud-connected-based system that works with integrated devices. It manages the staff shifts and saves their time, so they can focus on more important tasks related to patient health.



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